Graduate Catalog

Student Health Fee

All full-time undergraduate students will be billed $60 per semester (once in the fall and once in the spring) for the Student Health Access Plan. All graduate students living in university housing will also be billed. All other graduate students requesting primary care services at SHS will be billed the semester charge of $60 for the Student Health Access Plan at the time services are provided. This plan cover all primary care services provided at SHS with the exception of the following:

  • Female Wellness Exams (PAP Test)
  • Laboratory Services provided at an off-site laboratory**
  • Select In-house prescriptive drugs (copay will apply )
  • Select Immunizations. Certain Immunizations provided will be assessed a nominal charge.

**These services are independently billed from the retailer and insurance company.

The Student Health Fee is mandatory and cannot be waived for any reason. This plan will continue to renew for each subsequent semester for Graduate students that remain in University housing. It is the responsibility of the Graduate student to notify SHS if they make the decision not to reside in University housing for the subsequent semester.