Graduate Catalog

Professional Discounts Provided by the University

Clergy/Religious: Members of religious communities who work a minimum of thirty hours per week for their respective churches receive a 30 percent tuition discount for all graduate programs. Proof of affiliation is required at each registration. Please contact the Department of Theology and Philosophy for further information.

Doctor of Ministry: A 30 percent tuition discount is available for students in the Doctor of Ministry program.

Nurses: Reductions to tuition are available for some graduate nursing programs; please refer to the program website or contact the program of your interest.


  • Various tuition discounts exist in other schools of the University. Please inquire within each school for details.
  • These discounts do not apply if tuition is paid through a grant or other subsidy, nor do they apply to discounted tuition, nor to programs with special rates.
  • These discounts are not applied retroactively.