Graduate Catalog

Payment Plan


Once you are registered for the term you will have the ability to sign up for a payment plan

  • Easy Online Enrollment
  • College Expenses paid over time
  • Payments electronically processed on the due dates
  • No Interest
  • Students can assign users to make payments
  • Multiple payments versus one lump sum
  • Meet payment due dates
  • Avoid a late fee
  • Re-enrollment is required each semester.

Before Enrolling in a Plan, Students Must...

  • Ensure that all financial aid is in place and requirements for disbursement have been met.
  • Requirements may include submission of State Aid Application for Undergraduate students who are Florida residents, acceptance of a loan award, completion of a Master Promissory Note or entrance counseling for loans or other requirements
  • Contact the Cashier/Business Office if you anticipate receiving funds from a third party such Flordia Prepaid or other government and private entities
  • Carefully review your Barry student account to ensure all charges are correct and in place. Charges such as room, meals and health insurance are added or adjusted at different times after you register

Interested students are urged to review the Cashier/Business Office website for more information and enrollment.

Student Account Payment Agreement

I (Student) agree that if I default on my payments, the entire balance will become immediately due and payable.

I further agree to waive demand, notice of non-payment, and protest.

I understand that delinquency may result in assignment to a collection agency, an attorney, or both.

I agree to pay the full balance due plus any late payment fees, collection agency fees (which may be based on a percentage at a minimum of 33⅓ percent of the debt), attorney’s fees (including a reasonable hourly attorney’s fee for time spent by any in-house attorney), court costs, and all other charges associated with the collection of this debt.

If I default on this debt I authorize Barry University to disclose any relevant information to credit bureau organizations and collection agencies, and further authorize Barry University to contact my employer.