Graduate Catalog

Research Integrity Policy


The University relies on its members to establish and maintain the highest standards of ethical practice in academic work including research. Misconduct in research is forbidden and represents a serious breach of both the rules of the University and the customs of scholarly communities.

This policy establishes an administrative process for dealing with misconduct to ensure that the integrity of research undertaken at Barry University is maintained and to assure federal agencies that Barry University complies with all federal regulations for institutional oversight of scientific misconduct.

Although instances of research misconduct are relatively rare, the University has a responsibility to detect and investigate possible misconduct and to resolve cases of possible misconduct fairly and expeditiously. The primary responsibility for maintaining integrity in research must rest with those who perform it. In light of this responsibility, the University expects each individual member:

  • To maintain and further the highest standards of ethical practice in research. Especially important are integrity in recording and reporting results, care in execution of research procedures, and fairness in recognition of the work of others.
  • To be responsible for the integrity of the research carried out under his or her supervision, no matter who actually performs the work or under what circumstances.
  • To accept that a claim of authorship implies a definable and significant contribution to the work and an acceptance of responsibility for the methods and findings of the work.
  • To keep thorough and verifiable records of research and to insure that exact copies of these records are preserved by the unit in which the work is done.
  • To report suspected research misconduct to the Provost.

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