Graduate Catalog


This course is an experiential learning course - a course where students learn via firsthand experiences the many and varied practical uses and applications of the theories, concepts and principles of security research, security valuation, security selection, security trading and the design, development, construction and evaluation of portfolios of securities. Experiential learning will occur through active leadership and intensive involvement in Barry University's Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) where students will manage all aspects of investing in and managing a real portfolio of securities - especially a portion of the Barry University endowment fund. Additionally, this course has a service learning component. Students will be required to participate in either the on-going design, development and management and/or the actual teaching of a financial literacy program to senior level high school students conducted in partnership with institutions such as the Academy of Finance at William Turner Technical High School. The SMIF financial literacy program involves SMIF students effectively addressing a pressing, unmet community need and, in the process, enhancing their understanding and comprehension of finance principles as well as strengthening the community. Prerequisites: MBA 621; 3.0 Minimum GPA; Interviews with and Permission of SMIF faculty Advisors




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