Graduate Catalog

Sport and Exercise Sciences

Kathryn Ludwig, Ph.D., Program Director

Sharon Kegeles, M.S., Assistant Program Director

The Sport and Exercise Sciences (SES) Programs offers three graduate degrees:

Master of Science in Human Performance and Wellness

Master of Science in Human Performance and Wellness with Specialization in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology

MS Human Performance and Wellness, SEPP/Master’s of Business Administration, Dual Degree

Vision, Mission, and Values


To pursue excellence in Sport and Exercise Sciences as an essential part of a liberal education gleaned from traditional parent disciplines in the humanities: biological, behavioral, sociological sciences, and the arts.


We aspire to be the program of choice for students majoring in sport and exercise sciences who desire an international, premium, ethically based, and market-related education. We accomplish this in a diverse, caring, and nurturing environment with dedicated and professionally competent faculty who excel in teaching, service, and scholarship.


Scientific inquiry within the Sport and Exercise Sciences develops students’ perspectives about themselves and the world around them and fosters new and creative ways of thinking. It is also the foundation upon which professional practice knowledge, essential for success in a career, is constructed.

  • We strive to create an environment conducive to scholarship and provide opportunities for professional development and personal growth.
  • We engage students in a top quality education based upon critical and independent thinking that facilitates young professionals to become successful in their chosen fields upon graduation.
  • In the Catholic intellectual tradition, we facilitate sport and exercise sciences content and experiential learning in each student through the development of confidence and competence while offering the appeal of a small private university.
  • We contribute to research-based evidence and generate new knowledge in our respective academic fields by producing high-quality research that is locally and internationally relevant and ethically responsible.
  • We engage in service to our University, our profession, and our community to contribute to positive, transformative, social, and intellectual outcomes.