Graduate Catalog

Request to Register at Another Institution

Once matriculated, a Barry student is expected to fulfill all coursework at Barry University; therefore, permission to take courses elsewhere is granted only in exceptional cases for very extenuating circumstances which preclude the opportunity to enroll in these courses at Barry in subsequent terms.

Barry University students who wish to take courses at another institution for the purpose of transferring the credits back to Barry must obtain prior written approval from the dean of the Barry University school within which the student’s major is offered. Substitute coursework intended to satisfy graduation requirements will only be accepted when this approval has been granted in advance by the dean on the TRANSIENT STUDENT COURSE REQUEST FORM. This form must be submitted to the office of the dean a minimum of thirty days prior to the anticipated class start date. A copy of the course description from the respective institution’s catalog must be included with the form. Additional documents (e.g., course syllabus) may also be requested in order to validate that the content of the substituted course is comparable to Barry’s course.

Courses taken through consortia are resident credits and are not counted as transfer credits. Only credits are transferred, not grades or grade point averages.

It is the student’s responsibility to assure that two copies of the official transcript are sent to the Registrar at Barry University following completion of this course.

Barry accepts transfer credits only from colleges and universities that have regional accreditation (i.e., schools that are accredited by one of the six regional accrediting bodies).